Grant Wensley

Proactive Data Governance to Increase Data Quality Faster

AUTHOR: Grant Wensley

We are thrilled to announce several new data management capabilities to proactively surface issues in your data. These updates enhance our existing data management experience—Govern—with the addition of new tools to help your team audit data, spot unusual events, and keep taxonomy consistent across your team’s usage of Amplitude. This includes automatic error detection in your data, shortcuts to improving your event taxonomy, and better visibility into data consumption and team usage reports.

Mistakes happen even with best-in-class data management tools and practices. Sometimes the best way to fix a mistake is to drop invalid data altogether. Drop Filter—a new data filter in Govern—allows you to remove specific event data from your charts at query time. These events are not deleted, and can be restored to your charts simply by editing or deleting the Drop Filter.

Furthermore, sometimes a valuable customer metric is not captured explicitly in event data but can be derived or inferred from existing properties. With the new Derived Properties feature in Govern, you can create new events and user properties on the fly, without having to update your instrumentation. You can perform manipulations and calculations and save the new derived property for new analysis without additional instrumentation work.

Read the full launch blog here to start proactively governing data at your organization!

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