Grant Wensley

Introducing Amplitude Recommend - The First Self-Serve Personalization Engine

AUTHOR: Grant Wensley

Today we’re launching Amplitude Recommend, a new personalization product that gives all digital companies the power to produce personalized experiences at scale; accelerating your roadmap by years, increasing conversion lift—often by double digits—and reducing the cost by millions.

This self-serve platform guides you through each step of personalization—from mapping the right user to the right message at the right time, via a collection of three new sets of functionality:

  • Segmentation: Enabling marketers to find the best customers to target via Cohorts and Computations

  • Recommendation: Enabling product teams to automate the next best message or content for those customers to receive via Predictions and Recommendations

  • Delivery: Enabling anyone to export their segments and recommendations into any digital channel via APIs and Syncs

Powered by Amplitude’s AutoML system, the new Recommendations capabilities enable you to create personalized experiences just like Netflix or Amazon. Once the right user has been identified, Amplitude Recommend determines the right assortment of content, products, and messages that are going to increase the likelihood to convert.

Check out a quick demo of recommendations below, and read the full launch blog for more details here!

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